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Universidad Nacional, Tumaco

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Tumaco is a campus of National Presence of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the most important state funded university in Colombia.

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Tumaco is located at the south east of the country, on the Pacific Coast.

Our history

The Universidad de Colombia, Tumaco was created through agreement 14 of 1997 of the Higher University Council. Its start-up began in 2009 with the creation of the Institute of Pacific Studies (IPS), as the basic academic unit of the campus.

In 2011, an area of 44.7 hectares was acquired at kilometer 30 of the Tumaco-Pasto national highway.

The building of the Pacific Studies Center (CEP) was inaugurated in 2014 . This buiding, which was carried out thanks to national and international financing, responded to the need of having facilities in accordance with the academic proposal that is being implemented at The Universidad de Colombia, Tumaco.

In 2015, the Universidad de Colombia, Tumaco received the first cohort of students under the modality of the Special Admission and Academic Mobility Program (PEAMA). This program has allowed progress towards the educational goals proposed by the University for the Colombian Pacific region.

Our mission and vision

As the nation’s university, the Universidad Nacional de Colombia promotes equitable access to the Colombian educational system, provides the widest range of academic programs, trains competent and socially responsible professionals. It contributes to the elaboration and resignification of the nation project, studies and enriches the cultural, natural and environmental heritage of the country. As such, he advises on scientific, technological, cultural and artistic orders with academic and investigative autonomy.

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in accordance with its mission, defined in the Extraordinary Decree 1210 of 1993, must strengthen its national character by means of the articulation of national and regional projects, that promote the social, scientific, technological, artistic and philosophical advance of the country. In this horizon, it is the University, in its condition of superior and public education entity, which will allow all Colombians to be admitted to it, to carry out undergraduate and postgraduate studies of the highest quality under criteria of equity, recognizing the diverse orientations of academic and ideological type, and supported in the System of University Welfare that is transversal to its missional axes of teaching, research and extension.