Escudo de la República de Colombia Escudo de la República de Colombia


The IPS (Institute of Pacific Studies) financially and administratively coordinates the functioning of the Institute and the projects of the special fund.

Guarantees management for the student population on several fronts:

  1. Management of the extension through the linking of auxiliary students.
  2. Management of research through support to research seedbeds.
  3. Management of artistic creation through the formulation of projects.

In addition to this, the IPS offers the following services to the teaching community:

  1. Management of the extension by linking paid academic services.
  2. Formulation and direction of projects.
  3. Management of research through open calls for initiatives of research groups in the Colombian Pacific.

To contact the dependencies of the Institute of Pacific Studies, please call or write to:


(57  1) 3165000 Ext.: 10811 – 10527

Dirección Instituto de Estudios del Pacifico

(57  1) 3165000 Ext.: 10811 – 10927